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ZagrebDox | Regional Premiere | Regional Competition | March 2018 | Zagreb, Croatia


- Thu, 1st March |11:00| Kaptol Boutique Cinema | Theatre 5

- Fri, 2nd March |19:00| Kaptol Boutique Cinema | Theatre 5

- Fri, 2nd March |21:00| Kaptol Boutique Cinema | Theatre 5

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Regional premiere of the film “The Same” in Zagreb

After the world premiere at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA), documentary film “The Same” by Dejana Petrovića is having its regional premiere during 14th International Documentary Film Festival ZagrebDox that takes place in Zagreb from February 25th to March 4th 2018.

The film is going to be shown at the Kaptol Boutique Cinema on Thursday, March 1st and on March 2nd two screenings are planned as well as the post-screening Q&As with the film director.

Of 1,386 documentaries that have been submitted this year, 38 are going to be shown in the international and regional competition programs. Apart from “The Same”, there are also 16 films in the regional competition.

Besides the competition program, ZagrebDox regularly has other programs too: Biography Dox, Musical Globe, Happy Dox, Contraversial Dox, Masters of Dox, State of Affairs, Teen Dox and ADU DOX. Dox Special includes Restart’s School of Documentary Film and “In Focus: New Europe”. This year ZagrebDox dedicates Retrospetives to Claire Simon, a French film director and Boris Poljak, a Croatian documentary film director and professional DOP.

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IDFA 2017 - The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam - Competition for Short Documentary

- Sat, 18th Nov |18:30| - Munt 12 - World Premiere

- Mon, 20th Nov |13:45| - Tuschinski 5

- Tue, 21st Nov |14:30| - Tuschinski 5

- Wed, 22nd Nov |14:00| - Tuschinski 3 (Shorts: A Sense of Place)

- Fri, 24th Nov |11:15| - Tuschinski 3


World premiere of the film “The Same” on the world’s most important documentary film festival

Documentary film “The Same”, by Dejan Petrovic, will have it’s world’s premiere in the competition programme on the most important and biggest festival of documentary film in the world, that will be held for the 30th jubilee time, from the 15th until the 26th of November in Amsterdam (IDFA 2017).

“The Same” is a short documentary film (16 min) that, in a unique way, shows everyday life of prisoners and guards in several major jails in Serbia. It’s extraordinary photography and unique poetics gives a view of life in jail that has never been portrayed in domestic documentary films before. This was recognized by the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam – IDFA, that selected the film “The Same” in the competition programme, in the category of short documentary film.

The fact that the last authors from Serbia participated in the competition programme of the festival in Amsterdam six years ago (Goran Radovanovic with “With Fidel to the end” and Srdjan Keca “A letter to my father”), show how big of a success this is for domestic film. In the 30 years of the festival, there were only 9 documentaries from domestic authors screened.

“The Same” is a film of metaphor, that deals with the theme of loosing ones identity under the influence of the system, shown through life in prison. This documentary explores the relativity of human freedom, setting a parallel between the prison system, and the wider society system.

Thanks to the support of the Administration for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia, the film was shot in the penitentiary institutions in Sremska Mitrovica, Požarevac, Niš, as well as the penitentiary institution for women in Požarevac.

The director and the screenwriter of the film is Dejan Petrović, director of photography - Dragan Vildović, editor - Aleksandar Popović, sound designer - Nikola Cvijanović, composer - Vojin Ristivojević. The Independent film centre “Filmart” is the production company behind this film, and it is co-produced by Cinnamon Films.

You can find the trailer for the film on this link.

“The Same” was filmed with the support of Film Center Serbia (supported on a contest by FCS for financing and co-financing the production of short documentary films).

Apart from the film “The Same”, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam also decided to show the film “The other side of everything” by Mila Turajlić in the category of feature documentary competition programme, as well as the film “Sweet nothing” by Boris Mitić in the non-competition programme “Masters”.

Dejan Petrović is the screenwriter and director of several short feature and documentary films, as well as a large number of promotional films, commercials and music videos, and a number of TV shows. As a producer, he participated in producing about forty documentaries. He is the founder and owner of the Independent Film Centre “Filmart” , which realizes several projects, including the International Student Film Camp “Interaction”. He is a professor of directing on the Academy of Arts in Belgrade, and also a member of the DocSerbia Association - Documentaries of Serbia. He is the winner of several awards from film festivals, the Golden Medal of Belgrade for the best screenplay on the 62nd Belgrade Festival of documentary and short film, for his film “Restart”, among others.

Important online addresses:

• “The Same” documentary film website - www.thesame.rs

• Independent Film Centre “Filmart” - www.film-art.org

• IDFA - www.idfa.nl